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4EveryPet Family

Our family will be with you every step of your learning journey


…is always around to make you feel safe and loved, and there's no better companion for a nap!

Clover is a sweet and funny dog. He loves to play and run around, but nothing beats nap time. Clover had a family but ended up in the street. He developed a kind and gentle way of getting people's attention.


…feels more connected in the wild, surrounded by nature and pets.

Lily is shy and highly dedicated to family and friends. She prefers to stay at home, but enjoys walking on nature trails. Lily grew up in a small village surrounded by family pets.


… is great teacher in appreciating the little joys of life and a purring machine in cuddling time.

Violet is a friendly cat born in a street cat colony. She learned to be a confident, playful, and gentle cat who loves exploring new things and places!


… is a burst of energy that constantly challenges you for playtime!

Lilac was born in a pet shelter, with a lot of noise and little supervised socialization. As a result, she reacts nervously when she’s out of her comfort zone. But all puppies love to play, and Lilac was no exception! Playing helped her gain trust in people!


… is a clumsy guy who always tries his best!

Oliver likes to keep busy and stay up to date on social media. He is very outgoing and a bit "head in the clouds. " Oliver grew up in the city, and his family didn't have pets.