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  • A vector illustration on a horizontally white atomic tangerine rectangle of two heads in profile view, looking at each other. The one on the left is a medium-tall, large, dark grey-skinned, male-presenting man with short, curly, aubergine hair, beard, and glasses (Oliver); the one on the right is a dog, Clover. They look into each other’s eyes: Oliver smiles, and Clover’s eyes are open wide.

    Understand your pet better

    We shed light on your pet's perspective and help you communicate with them

  • A vector illustration on a horizontally white atomic tangerine rectangle of a medium-sized, white-furred cat with only her left eye; Her left ear and tail are aubergine (Violet). She rests her paw on a slim, white hand presented from above in a shell shape. Violet´s tail is up and wavy, and her ears are upright.

    Consciously train your pet

    We encourage you to foster a mindful relationship with them

  • A vector illustration on a horizontally white atomic tangerine rectangle of a picture frame portraying five members of a family: Lily is a slim, white-skinned, female-presenting woman with wavy aubergine hair down to her shoulders. She is smiling on the back left with her right hand on her right hip. Oliver, a bit taller than Lily, stands by her side, to the right on the back, also smiling. Clover stands in the middle of Lily and Oliver. Violet is standing on the bottom left of the picture. Lilac, a small-sized, juvenile, short white-furred mutt dog with long ears, stands at the bottom right corner of the picture with her tongue out. They look straight to the camera lens for the photo.

    Enjoy life together

    We will guide you on your journey toward a joyful life with your pet

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A vector illustration of a light yellow, paper-textured, house shape, on a large light lime green, paper-textured rectangle, on the left side of Clover, a medium-sized, white mutt dog with long, spiky fur and short, upright ears, sitting with his front paws crossed, gray spots on his fur, and visible ribs, facing left.
Pet Adoption

What should I do if I find a pet?

When you find a pet alone, you don't know if they are a stray pet or got lost from their family. What can you do to help? This blog post will help you understand how to assess the situation and assist the pet.

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