When we decide to expand our family by bringing a pet into our home, they represent a being with no idea of what it means to share that space with us.

Training tips to understand and teach our pets must sometimes match our pet's needs, situation, learning rhythm, and personality.

At 4EveryPet, you will find a place of learning and understanding for pet-people to find new perspectives and approaches for unique families! We focus on observation, prevention, and empathy to improve your pet's well-being.

Being empathetic is about taking the time to think through everything before you act. It's about understanding that people and pets often come from complex contexts and feelings, and their actions reflect those settings. In addition to reflecting on your actions, being empathetic also means you strive to leave a pleasant and positive impact on those around you!

We are a team of Portuguese pet-people who want to share with you what we have learned in our journey with our pets. Our content is based on the Portuguese context and involves storytelling with fictional characters. We created the 4EveryPet Family, a family of sweet and funny pets with different personalities and challenges that we will share with you. They will accompany you along your learning journey. Stay tuned for their stories and adventures!

A vector illustration in shades of aubergine on a horizontal rectangle portrays 5 family members in their living room: Violet, a medium-sized cat with white fur, and only her left eye; Her left ear and tail are aubergine, is standing on top of a bookshelf, showing her butthole and looking at you with her eye wide open; Clover, a medium white mutt dog with long, spikey, white fur and short, upright ears, is laid down on the sofa next to Oliver, looking at him; Oliver, a medium-tall, large, dark grey-skinned, male-presenting man with aubergine hair, is sitting in the middle of the sofa, facing you; to his left side is Lily, a slim, white-skinned female-presenting woman of average height with aubergine hair, seating leaning on Oliver, with her right hand on his left leg; and finally Lilac, a small juvenile white mutt dog with short white fur and long ears, stands close to the camera with her mouth open, in an enthusiastic pose, looking directly at the camera.
The 4EveryPet family takes a group photo where everyone is showcasing their personalities at their fullest

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